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About TAO

"I can't wait to go to temple!"

"I am overjoyed to have found a community of such warmth and joy and depth... Life feels magical to me... I'm still on a high." With love, Fran Davis.

"TAO warms my heart.  There is a oneness, deep spirituality, a phenomenal Rabbi who makes me feel connected to religion, and great people I am proud to call my friends." Lowell Gannon.

"I'm a better person for being in this community." Anne Goldberg.

"TAO opens my heart, engulfs me in my Judaism and spirituality, and helps me relate to my godliness." Penny Cheever.

"I gave up on Judaism and studied Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism and more."  Finally I discovered that my beliefs exist in Judaism.  Then I found the Rabbis and this community, and that sealed the deal!  I have never in my life felt such love, warmth and belonging.  I grow in every way by my connections to TAO.  I'm so glad I found you."  Jenae Rubin.


We bring joy, meaning and purpose to life by...

    • Making religion meaningful. We show you how Jewish wisdom supports and enhances your daily life.
    • Filling the void by discovering who we are, what we're a part of, and how it relates to living.
    • Exploring Jewish practices and values and making it easy to incorporate.
    • Giving you a strong foundation to spiritual growth and connectedness.

TAO identifies universal truths using Torah and Kabbalah by...

    • Studying and explaining the Spiritual and Mystical Judaism.
    • Helping you create a direct connection with God.
    • Seeing your life more positively and joyfully.
    • Ending your search for why and how and peace and love.

Inspire "I can't wait to go to temple" feeling....

    • Amidst the camaraderie of our loving Community, you feel a sense of belonging. At TAO, you are at home.
    • Your individuality is embraced and honored. We pay tribute to the feminine and masculine qualities of God living equality at Temple.
    • You are supported in all your joys and trials.
    • As you participate in passionate and joyful expressions of Judaism, your heart is free-spirited and uplifted.


What you haven't found elsewhere, you will find at TAO
We are the missing piece from traditional Judaism.
Come fulfill your yearning and feel complete.

Join us for Shabbat and Music, Meditation and Torah Services.


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