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(954) 888-1408

Hurricane Dorian Bahamas Relief

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Here are 2 links to opportunities to donate goods and supplies to the Bahamas:

Contact Feeding South Florida at 954-518-1818 to donate and/or to volunteer for the Bahamas relief through Feeding South Florida.  Please keep track of all donations and volunteer hours in relation to Bahamas hurricane relief.  It is important to give this information to AllFed.
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There is also an immediate and viable concern regarding potential child trafficking on the islands due to families being separated from each other during and after the storm.  The M.V. Pacific Hope, a mercy ship belonging to Youth With A Mission, is heading for the Bahamas right now.  You can donate here through their GoFundMe page. 
Item 3
Jose Andres, of World Central Kitchen, is already in the Bahamas setting up places where people can be fed.  His organization fed Puerto Rico for months after Hurricane Maria.  To donate, click here.
Stay Tuned ... If there is enough interest and support, TAO may travel to the Bahamas to help rebuild after Dorian.

TAO seeks a connection in the Bahamas with an organization spearheading rebuilding projects.   

Do you have contacts with any such organization in the Bahamas?
Please help us find the best match.
Contact taoallfed@gmail.com if you know who that best match might be and if you are interested in joining in this volunteer effort.
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