(954) 888-1408
(954) 888-1408

All-Fed Disaster Relief

As announced at High Holy Days services, TAO has added a disaster relief component to All-Fed's hunger initiative. 

What does that mean?  TAO will participate in local and international relief efforts.

Local farm workers need food - Homestead, Florida farm workers are in need of food. Two hurricanes have destroyed the crops they depend on to earn a living. We will be collecting bags of dry rice, beans and lentils. Bring your food donation to any TAO event - our network will ensure delivery to those in need.

Western Puerto Rico needs drinking water - There is no potable drinking water in western Puerto Rico, and supplies have been slow in reaching the people living there.  We have an emissary who is going to deliver water filtration systems to the island.  For more information, please contact Deanna Camacho at Waves for Water.

Relocated children need school supplies - Children whose families are being relocated to south Florida due to Hurricane Maria are in need of school supplies.  Bring new backpacks and school supplies to any TAO event.  We will coordinate distribution with local schools.

For questions, or to join our efforts, write us at TAOALLFED@gmail.com

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