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Healing Prayers


The following people may need help remembering they are whole and healthy.

Please, when you are with them and when you think about them... see them as whole and perfect.

Judith Schwab, Dr. Jay Emrel  (relative of Rhonda Shapiro), The congregation at Chabad of Poway, Andrew Wagner (nephew of Laura Berman), Milton Sirota (father of Dr. Lisa Sirota-Weiner), Wayne Rogers, Harvey Frank, Harvey Parker, Steve Weisberg, Robert Siegel (Ruben ben Israel), Arnold Katz, Pearl Atkin, Julia Ozeryansky, Robin Durfee, Bonnie Rabin, Keith Ahringer, Adam Atkin, Paul Avenati (friend of Sheryl Reback), David Isaac ben Miriam, Menachem Benbasset, Sid Block, Paul Butler, Brianna Dalnes (daughter of Elyse Blum), Kenneth Cohen, Joe D'Amico, Maria Daszkal, Trudi DeGrazia, Bernard Dumornay (brother of Cecile Dumornay), Ursule Dumornay (sister of Cecile Dumornay), Harry Eckhaus (father of Rena Marvin), Adam Eitelberg, Madaline Lawrence Elstein (sister of Roberta Cohen), Johnny Frank (brother of Harvey Frank), Carolea Fritz, Kate Gemeiner, Shelly Glass, Barbara Gotsopoulos, Bernard & Jerry Greenberg (father and brother of Judi Greenberg), Judi Greenberg, Richard Grove, Mitch Haber, Susan Hall, Bob Heaton, Fleur Heaton, Al Himelblau (brother of Shirley Shelpman), Elinor Kaiser (cousin of Anne Goldberg), Mark Kalick, Leona Katsoff (sister of Joann Balin), Sharon & Paul Kay, Rabbi Phil Labowitz, Lynn Leight, Kathy Leonard, Frank Louis (brother of Anne Goldberg), Joe Negrin, Reese Madison Osmond (great-niece of Anne Goldberg), Marshall Plotka (cousin of Rhonda Shapiro), Mark Pomerantz, Leslie Potter, Gerry Prezioso (brother of Barbara Prezioso), Esther Rabinowitz (mother of Mark Rabinowitz), Albert Reback (father-in-law of Sheryl Reback), Sheryl Reback, Alina Roces (friend of Maria Daszkal), Ira Rosenberg (Yitzchak ben Chaya Bluma), Jean Sokol Rosner, Rebecca Schwartz (cousin of Rifka Maidan), Deborah Sehres, Rivka Ba'l Shoshana, Frayda Sinnreich (mother of Marti Sinnreich), Doris Sobel, Chana Rifka bat Hinda (mother of Hindy Stegman), Suely Suchodolski, Debi Sweeney (daughter of Alan Kurtzman), Elisa Nechama Thal, The Tree of Life congregation and community in Pittsburgh, Lester Turchin, Caren Vivado, Melvin Wald (uncle of Sue Reisman), Jennifer White (daughter of Nan White), Nan White, Albert & Rose Wilansky, Sidney Wisotsky (father of Amy Seigel), Michael Yaschik (cousin of Renee Greene), Irene Yovu, Elyn Zerfas, Robert Zveibil

Please contact the office with requests for additions to this list.

We respect your desire for privacy and only list with permission.

Also, please notify the office to remove names from this list.

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