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Our Prayer Book

Oseh Shalom

May the Maker of peace in the heavens create peace here on earth, in Israel, and throughout the world.

Oseh shalom, bimromav Hu ya’aseh
shalom aleinu v’al kol Yisrael, v’eemru.

Candle Lighting (Feminine)

By Your Holy Name, we promise You, God, Your light that shines in us will never be extinguished.

Kee v’shem kodshaich
la shelo teechbah nairah
l’olam va’ed.
Dear God, Life of All Worlds, we thank You for making us sacred and guiding us to kindle the Shabbat flame.
B’ruchah at YHVH,
Ela’ha’tainu malkat ha’olam,
asher keedash’tanu
b’meetsvotai’hah v’tsee’vee’tanu
l’hadleek nair shel Shabbat.

Good Shabbos – Welcome to our sacred space
Good Shabbos – Creating Sacred Space
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