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An Invitation To Prayer


An Invitation to Prayer

Written, Compiled and Edited by
Rabbi Shoni Labowitz & Dr. Judith Gulko



Excerpts from the Foreword

"Prayer is more than a few words spoken at a specific time. Prayer is a way of life in which every thought, word and action touches the sacred. It is with this intention of touching the sacred that we have created An Invitation to Prayer. Through the pictures, words and melodies of this Siddur, we share with you the mystical spirit of what Jewish prayer is and can be.

"Fourth, to extend this prayer experience beyond Shabbat and into your everyday life, there is a section on Personal Prayers and Special Blessings.

"It is with heartfelt blessings that we offer you An Invitation to Prayer.  May this prayer book be your companion at Temple, at home, with friends or when alone.  May it inspire you to pray, not only with words and song, but with life itself.  May your way of living be a journey of prayerful intention blessed with beauty, creativity and holiness.  We invite you to open this book of prayer and touch the sacred in your soul, in your life, in all life."

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