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Thurs, April 25 – Wed, May 1, 2019

If you wish follow the Counting of the Omer, there are two resources available for you.  The first was written by Max Amichai Heppner – or second, you may choose the more conservative version written by Rabbi Simon Jacobson

Thursday, April 25, 2019 – 20 Nisan 5779 – Omer day 5

Pesach VI

Freedom is a result not of outside influences so much as of your inner spirit.  One can have all the luxuries and wealth in the world and feel imprisoned; another can be locked away for a life sentence and feel free.  (Success, p. 231)

Friday, April 26, 2019 – 21 Nisan 5779 – Omer day 6

Pesach VII

The seventh day is the traditional day to recall the overtaking of the Israelites at the sea, and to remember those who perished.  It is a holy convocation.

Freedom embraces the totality of life, the struggles and challenges of everyday life.  (Success, p. 231)

Saturday, April 27, 2019 – 22 Nisan 5779 – Yizkor – Omer day 7

Pesach VIII

Observe yourself fully experiencing life, not hiding from it, but rather allowing the full gamut of feelings and possible situations.  Accept what is.  While experiencing life fully, you will notice that moments of bliss are hidden in the pain, moments of joy are hidden in the suffering, forms of life are hidden in death, and eternity is hidden in impermanence.  (Compassion, p. 124)

Sunday, April 28, 2019 – 23 Nisan 5779 – Omer day 8

Ahare Mot:  Leviticus 16:1 – 18:30

The Lord speaks to Moses after the death of Aaron’s sons.

Nobility is the earth; it is the ground from which all life is born, upon which all life stands, and through which all life passes and is reborn.  (Method, p. 26)

Monday, April 29, 2019 – 24 Nisan 5779 – Omer day 9

Ahare Mot:  Leviticus 16:1 – 18:30

There is no need to avoid suffering.  Acknowledge the moment and the feeling.  Witness, accept it, and go on with the rest of your life.  (Compassion, p. 124)

Tuesday, April 30, 2019 – 25 Nisan 5779 – Omer day 10

Ahare Mot:  Leviticus 16:1 – 18:30

Aaron goes into the Tent of Meeting to make atonement for himself, his household, and all Israel.

Cleave to the presence of holiness; move beyond self-awareness and self-consciousness to the momentary stillness and vast emptiness where there is nothing but God.  (Creativity, p. 286)

Wednesday, May 1, 2019 – 26 Nisan 5779 – Omer day 11

Ahare Mot:  Leviticus 16:1 – 18:30

The Lord gives the law for the Day of Atonement, a solemn day each year when the priest makes atonement for the Israelites for all their sins.

Forgiving has less to do with another and more to do with giving to yourself – giving yourself the freedom to release tightness, let go of competition, unveil illusions of boundaries and limits.  (Compassion, p. 141)


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