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Thurs, Feb 13 – Wed, Feb 19, 2020

Thursday, February 13, 2020 – 18 Shevat 5780

Yitro: Exodus 18:1 – 20:23 

Moses goes up the mountain to speak with God, and returns from the mountain back to the people.

So often people attach to the ecstasy of the spiritual path and consider going up the metaphoric mountaintop and staying there.  The path of mystical Judaism emphasizes that the real service to God and the vision of holiness is in the valleys with the people.  (Compassion, p. 132)

Friday, February 14, 2020 – 19 Shevat 5780

Yitro: Exodus 18:1 – 20:23

God says, “Anochi YHVH (Adonai) Elohecha,” meaning “I am YHVH (Adonai) your God.”  And God reveals the fundamental aspects of God’s covenant, The Ten Commandments.

When the Israelites were bathed in revelation at Mount Sinai, the first sound they heard was the Aleph,   , the sound of silence.  In the sound of silence, they intuitively touched the Divine Mind.  (Wisdom, p. 70)

Saturday, February 15, 2020 – 20 Shevat 5780

Yitro: Exodus 18:1 – 20:23

Unconditional love is giving yourself fully and receiving fully.  In letting go of your own agenda and expanding the possibilities for receiving and giving love, you are able to surpass stubborn obstacles and emerge through the narrow confinements of your perception to greater visions of holiness and goodness.  (Compassion, p. 118) 

Sunday, February 16, 2020 – 21 Shevat 5780

Mishpatim: Exodus 21:1 – 24:18

The people feared the awesome power of the Presence of the Lord.  So Moses alone approaches God in the cloud, and receives this first section of laws to present to the Israelites.

If there is any doubt whether something feels wholesome in a relationship, ask yourself:  “Does this bring my soul closer to God in myself and another, or further from God?”   The story of your soul is the story of your relationship to God, to all parts of your inner self, to those you love, and to those whom you are yet to meet.  (Creativity, p. 278)

Monday, February 17, 2020 – 22 Shevat 5780

Mishpatim: Exodus 21:1 – 24:18

Moses delivers the first laws following the Ten Commandments, these dealing with the Hebrew Slave.  The slave may declare, “I do not wish to be free.”

Think of the life you are missing by not having the courage to be free.  Freedom doesn’t mean turning your back on responsibility; it means freedom to live courageously, fully responding to your abilities.  (Harmony, p. 186)

Tuesday, February 18, 2020 – 23 Shevat 5780

Mishpatim: Exodus 21:1 – 24:18

God tells the Israelites, “You shall be holy unto Me.”

When you remember that your origin is in God, you cannot help but live with deeper conviction in the fact that your life, and all life, is holy.  (Intention, p. 53)

Wednesday, February 19, 2020 – 24 Shevat 5780

Mishpatim: Exodus 21:1 – 24:18

Moses speaks God’s laws regarding the treatment of slaves, strangers, widows, and orphans.

Each person is holiness in action.  Can you recognize the cashier at the supermarket or the receptionist in your office?  They, too, are as fragile, mutable, and holy as a newborn, a rose, a sunset, or even you.  (Intention, p. 53)



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