Kabbalah Wisdom Class with Rabbi Marc & Ted Brownstein

Date(s) - 04/03/2024
7:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Wisdom Class is our Kabbalah study group wherein Rabbi Marc, along with special guest rabbis, bring us the wisdom that lives within the Torah and other Holy texts in weekly 90-minute classes. Participants are guided to understand how to apply these teachings to daily life in the 21st Century, bringing holiness into the mundane.

Most classes are led by Rabbi Marc Labowitz.  Often, Rabbi Marc reaches out to other scholars to enhance our learning.  Tonight, that scholar is Ted Brownstein.  Ted will be discussing  “Ancient Meanings and Mysticism of Hebrew Letters”

Members receive ZOOM links via email.  Non-members, please CLICK HERE to attend.


About Ted Brownstein

Ted is a Jewish-Christian-Baha’i living in Lake Worth with his wife, Chris. He holds a Master’s Degree in Biblical Hebrew from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Currently, Ted serves on the Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Lake Worth and teaches courses on Judaism, Christianity and Interfaith Dialogue at the Wilmette Institute. He is also the compiler of The Interfaith Prayer Book and author of Kinship of the Bible and Qur’an.


About Rabbi Marc Labowitz

Rabbi Marc Labowitz is a teacher, lecturer and award-winning composer serving as the Rabbi of TAO – Temple Adath Or, in South Florida since 2002. Rabbi Marc Labowitz’s deepest spiritual practice is to foster a world in which Freedom, Acceptance and Love are the essence of all paths. He endeavors to do this by helping to garner a wise, warm, vibrant, caring Jewish community.

Rabbi Marc Labowitz brings his passionate joyful expression of Judaism, his musical talents, his informative, and deeply spiritual orating, and his forward looking vision to his position as Rabbi of TAO – Temple Adath Or, South Florida Center for Jewish Renewal.

Rabbi Marc Labowitz is a founder of:

  • All Fed – Feeding The Homeless and Hungry of South Florida,
  • TAO’s Homeward Choir– a soulful outlet for the Homeless contingent in Fort Lauderdale
  • Board member of Street Waves a program teaching our inner city youth to swim and surf.
  • He is the cofounder of TAO LGBTQ Spirituality Group, the TAO Children’s Jewish Spirituality School, and TAO Spiritual Bereavement.
  • The TAO Orchestra and plays alongside family, dear friends and musicians: Rebbetzen Paulina, Galia, Ocean and Kole Kerev Labowitz, Maria Daszkal, Bob Heaton, Esther Levy, Jorge Guzman, Stephanie Mair, Doug Tessler, Zeva Soroker, Carl Schmidt, and Jose Gregorio Hernandez.

Rabbi Marc Labowitz has served as rabbi, keynote lecturer, teacher, officiant and musical performer locally and internationally. He was born into a lineage of rabbis that include his Great-grandfather and namesake, Rabbi Mordechai Rabinovitch of Baltimore Z’l, his grandfather, Rabbi Herschel Leibowitz Z’l, his parents, Rabbi Shoni Labowitz Z’l and Rabbi Phillip Labowitz. Rabbi Marc Labowitz is married to the love of his life Paulina Labowitz, and is the father to their children Galia Nechama, Ocean Ayden, and Kole Kerev Labowitz.


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