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Healing Prayers & Chessed

Healing Prayers

The following people may need help remembering they are whole and healthy.

Please, when you are with them and when you think about them… see them as whole and perfect.

Rinatta Par, Shashawna Foland, Ashley Moussa Martinez (Rose Moussa’s daughter), Bryna Chaya bas Michla, Shira Singer, Caryn Vivado, Robert Bucky, cousin of Anne Goldberg, Fagel bat Malchur, Miss Dawn Warfle, Marie-Jo Malivert, Bryna Chaya bat Michla, Faye Berkey (Ben Greenberg’s mom), Anne Goldberg, Debra Goldberg,  Reese Madison Osmond, Rose Ringwood, Rachel Raucher, Linda Landes, Abby Stone, Sharon Stern, Gracie Freedman, Debbie Zargon, Richard Grove, Sheldon Kerper,  Marilyn Strauss,  Maggie Hutchison, Babe Bloom, Sylvia Freidman, Barry-Baruch Ben Rachel, Michael Soroker, Este Colman, Wayne Rogers, Margaux Donaghue, Sarah  Brownstein, Miriam Vitti bat Rickel (Wendy Kohan, sister of Ellen Kamen), Malka Bat Chaya Sarah (Michele Vandeveer), Manya bat Shayndel (Mona Prager), Aiden Sloan, Richard Sporn, Fleur Heaton, Karen Rosenfeld, Elise Halper, Rabbi Nachshon Carmi, Norma Fiero, Vern Nix, Myra Zaner, Geri Bloch, Kate Gemeiner.

Please contact the office with requests for additions to this list.

We respect your desire for privacy and only list with permission.

Also, please notify the office to remove names from this list.