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Founder Rabbi Shoni Labowitz

Rabbi Shoni (z”l) founded TAO in 1992. She has since authored “God, Sex, and Women of the Bible”, “Miraculous Living: A Guided Journey in Kabbalah through the Ten Gates of the Tree of Life” and co-authored “An Invitation to Prayer”.

Rabbi Shoni is a nationally known lecturer, spiritual guide, and creator of healing rituals in the Jewish Mystical traditions and founded LivingWaters, a spiritual health spa based in Mystical Judaism. 

After receiving a foundation in Traditional Judaism, her studies in Buddhism and other Eastern philosophies began at Barry University and continued with the study of Kabbalah. That led to an MA in Religious Studies at Vermont College, and ordination with Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, of the Jewish Renewal Movement.

A woman of deep spirituality, Rabbi Shoni drew from the various mystical traditions in her work as a Chaplain for Hospice.

Rabbi Shoni Labowitz is the first woman in her family of a long lineage of Rabbinic scholars – traceable to the 18th century – to carry on the Rabbinic tradition. She was spoon-fed with the love of Torah by her highly respected and beloved parents and grandparents.

Under the tutelage of Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, she learned how to integrate her respect of Eastern traditions with her own Judaic beliefs. This cross-pollination of ideas has given Rabbi Shoni “insider views” to a “larger outside” story of humanity.

Upon her ordination, Rabbi Shoni founded TAO and was subsequently joined by her husband Rabbi Phillip to create and build a dynamic Jewish Renewal community together.

In her unique style, Rabbi Shoni projects life’s experiences through a canvas of colors and sounds which resonate with the souls of others. This has manifested in her ability to inspire and transform the lives of others through her highly acclaimed books, Torah classes, the creation of LivingWaters, and collaboration for a unique egalitarian and artistic prayer book.

Her passionate search is to seek the Divine in every aspect of life. Thus programmed, Rabbi Shoni has developed the ability to raise ordinary moments to extraordinary heights.

We welcome this opportunity to honor Rabbi Shoni, our gifted spiritual leader.