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Our Holocaust Czech Torah

On February 25, 2020, Lauren, a volunteer from Memorial Scrolls Trust, visited Rabbi Marc’s home to share the history of our Holocaust Czech Torah.  We are guardians, not owners. Lauren brought copies of the correspondence between Rabbis Shoni and Phil and The Trust, which outline the details of our permanent loan. (Editor’s note: You had to be in the room to watch Rabbi Marc’s expression as he read aloud the first letter Rabbi Shoni sent; it was a sweet and poignant moment. Why?  Because Rabbi Phil’s family came from that town in Czechoslovakia. If you read nothing else in this correspondence file, please read the first letter)

Our Scroll number is MST#513. It came from the town of Brno, in the Bohemia and Moravia part of Czechoslovakia. It is one of 1,564 scrolls that survived.

One of the requests of the Trust is that we share as much information as possible as to how we use this Torah, and care for it. Temple member, Carolyn Whiteman, quilted the cover it gets wrapped in. The binder holds it closed, then the mantle gets placed over it. After that, it gets covered in fabric that has Jewish stars on it, and then in Carolyn’s gorgeous cover.

Cover Design

Inside Cover
Pattern Detail
Outside Cover
Fully Wrapped

About Brno

The following links will allow you to explore Jewish history in the town: