Wisdom Class with Rabbi Ruz Gulko

Date(s) - 08/17/2022
7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

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Wisdom Class is our Kabbalah study group
wherein Rabbi Marc, along with special guest rabbis, bring us the wisdom that lives within the Torah and other Holy texts in weekly 90-minute classes. Participants are guided to understand how to apply these teachings to daily life in the 21st Century, bringing holiness into the mundane.

This week’s guest speaker is Rabbi Ruz Gulko

Shema Yisrael: How did this set of Biblical verses become so important, and why was it chosen as part of the liturgy twice a day?
What is the significance of all three paragraphs, and why did the Reform movement reject the second one and most of the third one? And what’s the deal with the six words that are traditionally whispered between the first and second verses??

About Rabbi Ruz Gulko

Ruz Gulko is a master educator, rabbi and chazzanit who has worked with most of the Jewish educational and religious institutions in the greater Seattle area since moving to Seattle in 1984. She has taught Judaic Studies and Hebrew at many different levels, and has worked training teachers, writing curricula, teaching in the general community and nationally.

In 2007, Ruz founded Gan Argaman, conducting from her home a Jewish educational lab and experimental school for students of all ages. Her student-centered, innovative approach to Jewish learning informs everything she does, with a particular passion for Torah’s radically humanistic & feminist message.

Ruz has also worked with Seattle Jewish Family Services, training clinical therapists in basic Judaism, and leading Rosh Chodesh ceremonies for survivors of domestic violence, and co-officiating at the Community Special Passover Seder.

She believes that if only people would sit down together and study Torah and eat chocolate, we could achieve world peace!





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