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Sincere condolences 

...to Steven Snyder and Sherry Stern, Steven's brother and sister-in-law Mark and Lenni Gimple Snyder, her grandchildren Sarah Rayel, Elena Snyder and Hannah Snyder, and great-grandson Sam Rayel on the loss of Steven and Mark's beloved mother, Florence Snyder.  She passed away Friday, April 26th at the age of 98.  Services were held in Washington D.C.

...to Annette Vafa, wife, and the entire Howland family, on the loss of their beloved husband and father, Kent Howland.

... to Chabad of Poway in San Diego, CA on the passing of their beloved and heroic congregant, Lori Gilbert-Kaye.

... to Dee Sacks, wife; Jeff and Estee Sacks and Jodi Corbett, children; Julia and Brad Myers, Eric Corbett and Darion Burlison, Stefanie and Ashlee Sacks, grandchildren; and Kaya, Jaxon, Camden and Jayde, great-grandchildren, on the loss of their beloved husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather, and TAO friend, Lee Sacks.

May their light shine brightly within you.

If you would like to support the family and TAO by sending a mitzvah card, please call the office at 954-888-1408.

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