Oozing Love


This acrylic painting is part of the “TAO Key Influencer” series.  
This painting oozes love.
Rabbi Marc and son Ocean in a special, sweet, caressing hold.  
You can feel the sweetness.  

This painting will help remind you of our Rabbi’s special teachings, prayers and music.  
And the joy you have when you are in prayer with him.
Reconnect to the joy to your heart… every day.


Original painting
Original painting is available.  
Unframed. Painted on a board; original needs a frame.

Original may be picked up in Coral Springs, FL or shipping is additional, determined after sale.
Payment through TAO.  20% benefit to TAO.

  • $895 – 16″ x 20″  

Giclees (Canvas Prints) – Numbered x/100

Giclees are ready for hanging.   Edges are black.
Numbered x of 100.  Shipping $20 additional for any size Giclee.
Payment through TAO.  50% benefit to TAO.

Size Options

  • $    195 – 11″ x 14″ (3/4″ depth)
  • $   295 – 16″ x 20″ (3/4″ depth) 
                    This is the size of the original.
                    More than twice as large !