• Share what's in your heart: Simchas, gratitude, love, appreciation, life events, joy. In this sacred space we give each other the gift of our words.
  • Celebrate Life with a leaf

    Unexpected, simple acts of kindness surprise and uplift us. We seek ways to demonstrate our deep feelings for each other. What could be more joyous than to find the seeds at the bottom of our hearts that insure we blossom together?

    Express the unique Spiritual Grace and Energy reflecting our loving Oneness. The gift that honors your loved one(s) is a perfect way to celebrate the simchas you want to commemorate. From weddings to bar mitzvahs, births, graduations, milestone birthdays or anniversaries, a leaf on TAO's Tree of Life is a beautiful way to say "I love you."

  • Jewish tradition eternalizes our beloved departed by honoring the blessed memory of family members who passed on (parents, siblings, aunts/uncles, children). The Yahrtzeit Plaque is a permanent memorial to your loved ones.

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